May 2020 CAG Meeting — Minutes

Wolverine Community Advisory Group

Full CAG Meeting

Online using Zoom

Thursday, May 21, 2020  6pm

Attendees:  Tammy Bergstrom, AJ Birkbeck, Carol Butts, Jenny Carney, Lance Climie, Linda Goossen, Elaine Isely, Fletcher Johnson, Tom Konecsni, Gail Mancewicz, Grant Medich, Jonathan Miner, Wendy Ogilvie, Jim Powell, Rick Rediske, Tom Sapkowski, Mike Shibler, Rick Solle, Cameron VanWyngarden, Jamie Vaughn, Sandy Wynn-Stelt

Guests: Abby Hendershot and Karen Vorce, EGLE

             Diane Russell and Doug Sarno, EPA

             Joost Vant Erve and Ellery Johnson, MDHHS

Estimated Number of Public Attendees:  6

Media:  0

Update on Public Health Study – MDHHS

  • MiPEHS – Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study
    • Multi year study measuring the health effects of PFAS in drinking water
    • Recruitment area: City of Parchment/Cooper Twp and Belmont/Rockford
    • Will try to accommodate as many eligible participants as possible
    • Data and sample collection at three timepoints:
      • Phase 1, 2, 3 – each spaced approx. 2 years apart
      • People may enter study at phase 1, 2 or 3
      • Participation in all timepoints will provide best information
      • Funded by State of Michigan
    • Determine if PFAS serum concentration are significantly higher than US general population
    • Determine if serum PFAS levels are associated with current clinical biomarkers
  • ATSDR MSS – ATSDR Multi Site Health Study
    • One time study measuring the health effects of PFAS in drinking water
    • Multi site study – MI’s study data will be compiled with data from 6 other sites across the US
    • Up to 1,300 participants (1,000 adults, 300 children)
    • Funded through cooperative agreement by ATSDR
  • Questions:
    • Can data be gathered in one visit for both studies?
      • Technically no due to the survey questions. CDC hasn’t gotten their questions developed yet. MDHHS has theirs ready and will begin soon.
    • Can people do both studies?
      • Yes
    • COVID Vaccine / PFAS Contamination – can the effectiveness of the vaccine be added to the study?
      • Yes, will try to include in both the local and the national study
    • So this is testing people’s blood compared to drinking water and then comparing to health outcomes?
      • Yes, blood to health outcomes is the focus, using water levels as the factor of where the PFAS came from
    • How do you measure the health outcome?
      • Multi-level using blood test/survey/self-reports/severity of ailments such as allergies
    • When will recruitment start?
      • MDHSS hopes to know soon when that will be
    • How do you sign up?
      • It will be by invitation and they will be sent out

Update on Consent Decree Projects – EGLE

Updates on Water System – Plainfield Township

  • Up to date information being posted on the Prien & Newhof website
  • Wellington Ridge
    • Installation of lines complete
    • Half of the lines have been tested and passed
    • First home has actually been connected (able to do this just a few weeks after that home’s well failed leaving them with no water to their home)
  • Chandler Dr/Herrington Ave/131 Crossing
    • Almost all lines installed
    • Some water line testing has taken place
    • Crossing under 131 almost complete, installation going well
  • House Street
    • Clearing trees/bushes in the right-of-way
    • Water line install complete in the Pine Island stretch, moving onto House St next
  • Homeowners will receive a letter from the Plainfield Township Water Department instructing what steps to take as they near time to connect their homes from the water mains

Public Comment

  • None


  • Diane Russell – funding for future meetings
    • Saved money by doing meetings online the past few months
    • CAG is currently in between phases of work which makes it difficult to secure funding from EPA
      • Removal winding down and remediation has not started
    • CAG could continue meeting virtually
      • CAG needs to engage participation by the community
      • Currently posting on the CAG Facebook page and website
      • Every member of the CAG needs to actively promote the meetings and share information being discussed
      • KCHD may have a list of email addresses we could use to start a database for sending emails to
      • Consider canceling the August meeting
      • By October, make the decision whether the December meeting should cancel
      • Start a YouTube channel to post the online files of meetings?
      • Have the CAG get their own ZOOM account – currently using Doug’s


  • Signage along river downtown
    • Create a map with specific locations of suggested places for signs
  • Handwashing stations will be brought out very soon now that the weather is nice
  • Question received in CAG email box:
    • Concern about PFAS in steams located in Courtland Township – how to handle? 
      • Have the sender contact Karen Vorce, EGLE currently does not have a concern in that area.  If this person and several others files official reports, this will spur an investigation through EGLE.


  • Will need to recruit – get a link added to the website for the application
    • CAG would benefit by having a business owner and a student as members


  • Activity plans for public comment – review and suggest recommendations on behalf of the CAG:
    • Rick will review the Interceptor plan
    • Jenny and Sandy will review the Filter O & M plan

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • Thursday, July 16
  • Thursday, August 20
  • Thursday, September 17
  • Thursday, October 15
  • Thursday, November 19
  • Thursday, December 17