July 2020 CAG Meeting – Minutes

Wolverine Community Advisory Group Full CAG Meeting Online using Zoom 

Thursday, July 16, 2020 6pm 

Attendees: Tammy Bergstrom, AJ Birkbeck, Carol Butts, Jenny Carney, Lance Climie, Linda Goossen, Elaine Isely, Fletcher Johnson, Tom Konecsni, Gail Mancewicz, Grant Medich, Jonathan Miner, Wendy Ogilvie, Jim Powell, Rick Rediske, Tom Sapkowski, Mike Shibler, Rick Solle, Cameron VanWyngarden, Jamie Vaughn, Sandy Wynn-Stelt 

Guests: Abby Hendershott and Mark Worrall, EGLE 

Jeff Kimble, Diane Russell and Doug Sarno, EPA 

Estimated Number of Public Attendees: 21 


Residential Resampling Plan Sandy Wynn-Stelt 

• Resampling schedule for 3 yrs – what is the plan past that point? 

• Will sampling schedule be revised when/if MCL’s will be lowered? 

• No mention how new residents will get notified (which agency/realtor/seller obligated to inform) 

• CAG should be informed at the end of the 3 yr sampling of the results 

Update on Water Installation Plainfield Township, Rick Solle 

• 54 homes connected 

• Billing (quarterly) 

• Base fee + consumption charge ($3.59/1k gal) 

Well Exception Mark Worrell, EGLE 

• Received 71 exception requests so far (expect many more) 

• Geothermal and misc reasoning (most are for irrigation, only 4 were for geothermal) o Watering a garden with the contaminated water isn’t fully known right now, probably not the best idea to do so o So far all exemptions received are for existing wells, no new o If you are located outside the WWW area(s) – you do not need to file for your existing well (new wells, yes, even outside the area(s)) 

• Would be pulling up contamination and spreading on the ground, runs out to neighboring groundwater/surface water 

• Well exemption process :

o Hydrogeology, aquifer conditions, PFAS concentrations, water usage, geology, health hazards, well specific details, environmental conditions

o Weekly – EGLE & KCHD review requests

o Resampling is at the cost of the homeowner 

o Well abandonment in the future is the responsibility of the homeowner. WWW is out of the liability if in the future PFAS contamination is spread on the property. Cleanup is now on the homeowner (per the 2/2020 Consent Decree)

• Q: How difficult is it for a homeowner to obtain an exemption? 

▪ A: Depends on location and levels. Process isn’t hard. Algoma and Plainfield Twp has the authority with the ordinance to allow

• Q: Well logs / permits 

▪A: Old wells don’t have great records, now drillers have permits through KCHD and they’ll have that flag. KCHD want to make sure that folks are now drinking the safer municipal water and not their contaminated well (and also not impacting their neighbors and area by spreading contamination).

• Q: If an exemption is granted, does this guarantee safety by EGLE/KCHD 

▪ A: With all surrounding wells going offline, this could change what is the condition of the water quality in the future

• Q: Irrigation with water drawn from the river 

▪ A: not the best, but is a quasi- closed loop system by pulling from the river and running back into that body of water

• Q: Groundwater/Surface Water plan – outcome from public comment, plan going forward 

▪ A: EGLE will have a presentation on this and if there are further questions, please speak directly to EGLE 

Public Comment Lynn McIntosh: 

• 99-00 was when water was stopped from the Rogue as the public water source 

• Closer to 2005 was when residents were told not to use their well water 

• Recommended reading: 

Common theme: 

▪ Almost all involve a river (historical thinking: solution to pollution is dilution) 

▪ Sometimes related to company or regulatory agency not following through 

▪ Cover up

• Tom’s River – true context of what goes right and what goes wrong with industrial contamination and the community that works together to get answers. Underscore how impactful a large study base is for health studies (if it’s not large enough, it’s not going to work). 500 families in that area face concerns with cancer. Many, many unfortunate outcomes with the community’s health.

• Tombstone Town – CAG in St. Louis MI. Chronicles their last 20 years of work with Viscol site.

• What the Eyes Don’t See – Flint story. Without this happening…. we may not have gotten as far, as quickly as we have. **highly recommended** Written by a doctor and spoke out on behalf of the impacted children AJ Birkbeck & Sandy Wynn-Stelt 

• Sierra Club will have a link to Dark Waters for anyone to watch 7/27 7pm-9pm 

• Sandy will share the link with the CAG Bill Saxton: 

• Impressed with the work the community is doing – extending an open invitation to anyone that would like that discuss any concerns 

• Q: Northern Wellington Ridge – homes there over 15+ years but want irrigation wells. Are they in a different aquifer than Wellington Ridge? 

• EGLE has left the meeting 

CAG Committee Reports: 


• Have not extended a formal offer to the ex-officio members; EGLE and WWW 


• Doug will send mass email for meeting invites 


• Process and information for joining the CAG – with editing, this should be posted on the website and our FB page 

• Fletcher stepped down – actively looking for someone from Wellington Ridge 


• Encouraging folks to join the EGLE meeting once it’s scheduled on the various work plans (5 of them). 

Upcoming Meeting Dates 

• Thursday, August 20 

• Thursday, September 17 

• Thursday, October 15 

• Thursday, November 19 

• Thursday, December 17