April 2020 CAG Meeting – Minutes

Wolverine Community Advisory Group

Full CAG Meeting

Online using Zoom

Thursday, April 16, 2020  6pm

Attendees:  Tammy Bergstrom, AJ Birkbeck, Carol Butts, Jenny Carney, Lance Climie, Linda Goossen, Elaine Isely, Fletcher Johnson, Tom Konecsni, Gail Mancewicz, Grant Medich, Jonathan Miner, Wendy Ogilvie, Jim Powell, Rick Rediske, Tom Sapkowski, Doug Sarno, Mike Shibler, Rick Solle, Cameron VanWyngarden, Jamie Vaughn, Sandy Wynn-Stelt

Guests: Abby Hendershot, Karen Vorce and Mark Worrall, EGLE

             Diane Russell, Jeff Kimble, EPA

Estimated Number of Public Attendees:  2

Media:  0

Update on Wolven/Jewell Area

  • Gravel mining operation historically
  • Active in the 1950’s – according to aerial photos, mining ceased by 1965
  • Used as a waste disposal site (mostly liquid) based on eyewitnesses, aerial images, groundwater impact, soil impact, chemical signature
    • No hides or scrapes have been found
  • 78 wells tested over 70ppt
  • 19 wells tested over 1,000ppt
    • Highest level 72,400ppt
  • Flow in multiple directions due to groundwater divide = Rogue River impacted from multiple locations
  • Multiple aquifers and soil types in this area, makes the plumes very complex
  • Groundwater to Surface Water will be further investigated – covered in the Consent Decree
  • www.Michigan.gov/belmont  Review activity plans – reference at the bottom of the page, the Wolverine Worldwide Documents
  • PFOS is higher in this area vs the other two WWW sites (Tannery & House)
  • Groundwater flow – greater to the Rogue River vs House St? This is being studied.
  • More soil sampling needs to occur to understand how impacted it is
  • Rogue River is not necessarily stopping the flow of contamination (river is not a barrier).

Review of Tannery/White Pine Trail Restoration Plan

  • www.Michigan.gov/rockfordtannery  Review activity plans and interceptor plans – reference at the bottom of the page, the Wolverine Worldwide Documents
  • Draft of the restoration plan – getting finalized as seed types are being selected
  • Vegetation species were cataloged before excavation
    • Found that species were not adequate, and some were invasive
    • Can replace with better than before types – keep in mind that the area will not look exactly how it was before – over time, it should be an improvement
    • Will install vegetation and rip rap that will help avoid any erosion in the future
  • Clean topsoil will be first step – took a lot of time but source finally found
  • EPA will include COVID-19 safety for work to continue, with weather changing, work must continue to keep the riverbank safe from erosion
  • White Pine Trail being repaved
  • After grasses and seeds are established, then trees can be brought in
  • Technical Committee reviewed plan and approved, commenting that using native and high volume of material is great. Look forward to seeing the plan once it is past draft level.
  • Signage:
    • Need more permanent type signage – in a relatively short amount of time they are now looking worn
    • DPW with City of Rockford will bring out the handwashing stations
    • EGLE and MDHHS can request to WWW to get additional signs, further downstream, close to the dog park
    • EPA tied close to the WWW site – can’t get downstream
    • Would be nice to include educational signage regarding the variety of native species
    • Should we have an overall sign plan, look/font/owner/location/etc

Public Comment

  • None


  • This Zoom format was a great option
  • Sandy & AJ joined the Oscoda RAB and their experience is much different than how our group is progressing and functions


  • Email inbox is cleaned up:
    • Received a request for joining our email list…we don’t have an email list, referred her to our FB page and invite for the CAG meetings
    • Request about landscaping – invited to meeting and shared restoration plan


  • Susan Marschall needed to resign, will not recruit to replace immediately
  • Bio’s needed from a couple members; Elaine is reaching out to get these

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • Thursday, May 21
  • Thursday, June 18
  • Thursday, July 16
  • Thursday, August 20
  • Thursday, September 17
  • Thursday, October 15
  • Thursday, November 19
  • Thursday, December 17

** Items highlighted require follow up and/or action **